Welcome to Atelier Katja Jungwirth

…and welcome to my journal! This is the place to share my thoughts and inspiration with you. Why a journal? Because usually my head is full of a million thoughts and some of them inspire me to paint. I love to paint abstract because it is the perfect way for me to express my feelings and emotions. I find it very hard to talk about everything that’s going on inside my head and in my heart and painting is my way of dealing with all this.

Besides being inspired by emotions my work is strongly influenced by literature, poetry and music. I often stumble over a song or a poem where I find my feelings perfectly and beautifully expressed. 


Knowing that someone else is feeling accordingly to me is always a bit of a relief

Originally I studied fashion design, worked as a fashion editor and in online marketing. During fashion school I used to paint a lot but when I started working I suddenly stopped and completely forgot about it. After struggling with depression and during my healing process I started remembering how painting made me feel good and I am determined now to give art and panting a bigger part in my life



There is no right or wrong

I know that many people are a bit afraid of abstract art and they always ask themselves if they understand an artwork in the right way. You know what? There is no right or wrong! And that's the best part of it! There is only "I like" or "I don't" and there is only "I resonate with" or "I don't feel anything" while looking at a painting.

Both ways are right. I hope these journal entries help you to feel something while looking at my paintings…whatever it may be. Because feeling is living! And if you want to let me know about your thoughts on my paintings, feel free to contact me!